Weekly Variety Offerings

***The first weekly varieties will be published the middle of June.*** 

Customer Testimonials

"Your boxes turned my 4 year old into a veggie lover and changed the way I cook. She squeals when a box is delivered and goes through it like it is Christmas! Her favorites are the kale, sugar snap peas, and carrots."

- Kristen, Premier Produce Customer

"It is amazing!!! Love trying new things and you have a great variety in the box. Well worth the money."

- Rita, Premier Produce Customer

"I am a very happy and satisfied customer of Premier Produce. I feel very lucky to have found out about Premier Produce. We hear on TV all the time how we need to eat more fruits and vegetables – REAL FOOD!  Natural food in its original state – not processed. I read up on health issues all the time and I do know America is No. 1 in cancer and degenerative diseases. Our food is filled with carcinogenic ingredients such as chemicals, preservatives, dyes, pesticides and genetically modified. The greatest thing about the produce is that it is organic, very fresh, and unbelievably good tasting. Before signing up with Premier Produce I did buy organic vegetables at the grocery store but that produce cannot hold a candle to Premier Produce. 

The delivered box is quite large (6 ½ tall and 14 inches wide). It is plum full. The vegetables are always very clean and packaged neatly. In my opinion, the cost is very reasonable. I think these deliveries are the best thing about summer."

- Beverly, Premier Produce Customer

"My family is amazed at the quality and quantity of fresh vegetables we receive in our produce box each week. We have made an effort to start eating healthier, and this includes increasing our fresh vegetables. Premier Produce makes this so easy! Every week, we have a brand new box delivered right to our door. The quality is much better than I can find in the grocery store and I don't have to find time to drive around Sioux Falls looking for vegetables. It has even opened our eyes to new vegetables. We discovered patty pan squash, and it is quickly becoming one of our favorites!"

- Andi, Premier Produce Customer

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